Nice to meet you...

Angel Chau, a vibrant artist hailing from Hong Kong, has an artistic journey that intertwines her personal life and a devoted love for art.

Born into a family where art was deeply respected and nurtured, with her father being an art teacher, Angel was inducted into the world of colors and canvases at a tender age.

This exposure ignited a passion for painting that she carried into her adulthood.

Despite her early love for painting, Angel chose
a pragmatic path and pursued a successful career in Hong Kong's thriving real estate sector.

However, a transformative trip to Italy in 2009 marked a turning point in her life, the encounter with various artworks in Italian galleries inspired her to revisit her passion for art.

Following this, she returned to Hong Kong, opted for formal art education, and began transitioning from a hobby artist to a professional one.

In 2014, Angel married an Italian artist and moved to Milan, further immersing herself in a landscape rich with artistic heritage.

Her personal style gravitates towards the use of bold, joyful colors which mirror her cheerful nature.

Her technical versatility is evident in her adept use of both acrylics and oils; she employs the former to create layers of richly textured color and the latter to achieve subtle tonal variations.

Her paintings are not only a source of happiness for her but are intended to bring joy to the viewer too. The vibrant colors and energetic strokes are a testament to Angel's positive outlook on life.

Angel believes in the power of continuous learning. Inspired by the works of others, she hones her skills further, striving for ongoing improvement in her artistry.

She combines her inherent talent and the lessons she absorbs from others, creating engaging and joyful paintings that are continually evolving.